Rehabilitation and agreements

Terme Bagni di Lucca boasts one of the best thermal rehabilitation sectors.

Thanks to the unique characteristics of the minerals in our thermal waters, we are able to treat pain, osteoarthritis and prevent rheumatic diseases. 

Our highly trained and specialised staff provide specific rehabilitation for different traumas and diseases.

To whom are the therapies addressed?

To patients who had surgery for

● Hip replacement

● Knee replacement

● Shoulder implant

● Vertebral fractures, arms and legs

To the patients suffering from

● Arthrosis, pseudoarthrosis and arthritis

● Osteoporosis and fractures due to osteoporosis

● Diseases difficult to treat like difficult fractures

● Disorders in the spinal column provoked by improper posture or damaged joints and back

● Scoliosis and curved spine

● Loss of the hand function

● Loss of the foot function


To the athlete with the following traumas

●    Knee

●    Shoulder

●    Elbow

●    Wrist

●    Ankle

●    Hip

Rehabilitation and agreements