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The Terme Jean Varraud Wellness Range

Cleansing milk | 250 ml | € 30,00
A creamy cleansing milk containing spa trace elements and extra-virgin olive oil for all skin types. Its deep yet gentle cleansing action removes makeup and impurities without altering the skin’s natural pH and hydrolipidic film. Apply first thing in the morning to keep skin radiant and toned. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types as well as for the eye area.

Toning lotion | 250 ml | € 30,00
A light normalising lotion that restores natural pH levels while clearly reducing dilated pores, leaving the skin firm and even. It perfectly complements the effects of the cleansing milk, leaving the skin feeling fresh and healthy.

Rehydrating Cream with Spa Trace Elements | 50 ml | € 51,00
An ultra-rich cream with a delightfully smooth texture. Combined with the spa trace elements, the light film left by olive oil helps prevent the loss of moisture through evaporation,

Anti-Ageing Cream With Chestnut Flour | 50 ml | € 56,00
An innovative formula for fighting the signs of ageing that is particularly suitable for the most mature skin types. Its ingredients, which include chestnut flour, work in harmony to enhance the skin’s self-defence system and strengthen its natural defences against free radicals. After just a few applications, the improvement in oxygenation combined with the cream’s revitalising effects leave the skin relaxed, radiant and more youthful looking.

Bioglea Re-Plumping Skin Serum | 30 ml | € 58,00
The revitalising ingredients in this incredible serum help restore vitality and youthfulness to mature, saggy skin. Even after the first application, the contours of the face appear redefined, wrinkles fade and the skin is more radiant and relaxed.

Eye Contour Restoration Gel | 30 ml | € 52,00
The skin around the eyes is the first to reveal the signs of ageing, owing to reduced muscle tone and loss of elasticity. This light gel containing spa trace elements that interact with extra-virgin olive oil helps to reduce fine lines, lifts the eyelids and restores tone and suppleness to the skin for a rejuvenated look.

Lifting Mask With Chestnut Flour | 50 ml | € 50,00
The revitalising effect of this creamy, delightfully smooth and gentle mask provides comfort and wellbeing each and every time the skin requires it. It works on both young skin types, providing firmness and vitality, and mature skin types, by countering the signs of ageing.