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There are a large number of palazzos, villas, museums and monuments to visit near Bagni di Lucca, which is an excellent base for pleasant trips to the surrounding area. This means there are plenty of opportunities to make your wellbeing break into a wonderful cultural experience.

Museum of Plaster Figurines and Emigration
Via del Mangano 17, Coreglia Antelminelli
Tel: +39 0583.78082 • +39 0583.78152

Villa Guinigi National Museum
Via della Quarquonia, 55100 | Lucca
Tel: +39 0583.496033

Giacomo Puccini’s Birthplace
Corte San Lorenzo 9, 55100 | Lucca
Tel: +39 0583.584028

Lucca Botanical Gardens
Via del Giardino Botanico 14, 55100 | Lucca
Tel: +39 0583.583086

Chestnut Museum
Località Colognora | Val di Roggio 55060, Lucca
Tel: +39 0583.358159

Parco dell’Orecchiella Naturalistic Museum
Loc. Orecchiella | Corfino, S. Romano in Garfagnana | Lucca
Tel: +39 0583.619098

Puccini Home
Via Meletori| Celle Di Puccini 55064, Pescaglia| Lucca
Tel: +39 0583.359154

Pascoli Home Museum
Via Colle di Caprona 55050, Castelvecchio Pascoli | Lucca
Tel: +39 0583.766147

House of the Risorgimento
Cortile degli Svizzeri 6, 55100 | Lucca
Tel: +39 0583.955765

Palazzo Mansi National Museum
Via Galli Tassi 43, 55100 | Lucca
Tel: +39 0583.312221