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Atmo-sphere 40' | € 52,00
A massage with Chinese spheres known for their healing properties. The magical sound of the spheres emits different tonal vibrations that release tension and promote harmony between the body and the mind. The spheres are expertly pressed on specific reflexd points and muscle fibres, ensuring positive results for a wide range of health-related problems.
Bamboo Massage 25’ | € 42,00
Bamboo Massage is a unique technique for body relaxation, stress reduction, energizing effects and body drainage. The special bamboo cannes are used with specific massage techniques. As a result, the effects of lymphatic drainage are combined with the benefits of reflexology, thus stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation and producing wellbeing for the whole body.
Personal Massage 50’ | € 78,00
Personalized treatment in which a blend of massage techniques envelop the body like a “made-to-measure suit”. The sensitivity of the masseur will merge with the customer’s wishes.
Myofascial Massage 50’ | € 62,00
Myofascial release is a body massage technique that works on the muscle fascia using long, deep motions. It helps to correct posture, encourages nutritional exchange and stimulates the flow of liquids. It relieves and eliminates stress.
Cervical Myofascial Treatment 15’ | € 24,00
Body treatment for releasing and extending neck and shoulder muscles, thus reducing annoying tensions typical of these areas.
Connective Tissue Massage 50’ | € 62,00
Connective tissue massages work mainly through slow, deep rubbing movements. This has a resulting effect on the internal organs, relaxing and loosening the muscular regions.
Pampered by Light 25’ | € 58,00
The light and fragrances of candles made from the best vegetable butters moisturize the skin and melt away tension. Warm drops of shea butter glide through the body, boosting wellbeing levels. Free gift: the candle at the end of the massage.
Anti-stress Massage 25’ | € 42,00
Anti-stress Massage 50’ | € 62,00
In this massage, soft and slow movements alternated with muscle-loosening motions, inducing deep relaxation, activating the immune system and regenerating the endorphins, the hormones that make us “feel well”.
Olive Oil Massage 25’ | € 42,00
A relaxing massage using organic olive oil for a smoother, firmer and moisturised skin. Its richness in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals counteracts the skin’s ageing process.
Aromatic Massage 50' | € 66,00
This massage harnesses the sense of smell through unique combinations of essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. By stimulating the production of oxytoxins, the anti-stress hormone, it instils a widespread feeling of wellbeing and relaxation
Stone massage 75’ | € 86,00
This ancient American Indian massage technique utilises the heat released by volcanic stones to influence the blood circulation and balance the body and mind. 54 volcanic and carbonic stones are used alternately, both hot and cold. Relaxation session with herbal tea.
Revitalizing Energy Massage 75’ | € 84,00
An Ayurvedic massage using pleasantly warming precious aromatic oils, combined with Plant Reflexology. It has a revitalizing and general cell rejuvenating effect, relieves muscle tension all over the body and stimulates the lymphatic system.  Relaxation session with herbal tea.
Shiatsu Massage 50’ | € 62,00
Namikoshi method: this ancient Japanese massage technique applies a series of deep, precise pressures along the twelve energy “meridians”, encouraging the conscious reawakening of the patient’s vital force and alleviating joint pains and stress-related problems. The massage is done on the floor, with the patient lying on a natural fibre mattress.
Ayurvedic Massage 50’ | € 69,00
A gentle method originating in India, the ayurvedic massage helps to restore the psychic-physical balance and induce mental calm. It uses lightly heated and herbalised precious oils, aiming to re-harmonise the three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. An excellent treatment for all kinds of umbalances in the nervous system, including insomnia, anxiety and stress.
Shirodhara 25’ | € 42,00
This ayurvedic treatment involves a thin steady stream of warm oil being poured on the area of the forehead where the third eye is located. The oil falls like a stream of light, enwrapping the head and inducing deep relaxation, thus calming and clearing the mind. Shirodhara promotes the Ojas, “the essential vitality of the body”. 
Pindasweda 25’ | € 42,00
Pindasweda is a traditional rejuvenation and revitalizing treatment. The entire body is massaged using hot pads containing ayurvedic and other traditional herbs. It strengthens and softens the body, helps to reduce rigidity and swelling in the joints, improves circulation, eliminates toxins and gives better quality sleep.
Plant Reflexology 25’ | € 42,00
This ancient oriental massage technique is originated in India and China and is administered using only the thumbs, helping to improve and restore the natural functioning of the organism. Practice is guided by a precise map of ‘reflex points’ which locates the energy channels running across the body.