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Tourist Itineraries

A special way of experiencing the local area, with naturalistic routes that bring you in touch with the beautiful landscapes of Bagni di Lucca and the surrounding area.

Orrido di Botri | Natural canyon
Bagni di Lucca | Lucca
Since 1971 it has been a nature reserve run by the National Forest Ranger Service. Here it is still possible to admire golden eagles in majestic flight.

Grotte del Vento
Loc. Fornovolasco - Vermoli | Lucca
The name means “Wind Cave” and comes from the strong air currents running through it, caused by the difference between the internal temperature, which remains at a constant +10.7°C, and the external temperature.

In search of ancient trades
Province of Lucca
A tourist itinerary seeking out ancient trades that goes through the Lucca area, along the Serchio and Lima Rivers and as far as the Garfagnana mountains. Rediscover the trades of the past, including blacksmithing and working with bronze, ceramics and figurines.