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Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments with Water and Thermal Mud

Perlage Treatment 70' | 69,00
An anti-aging treatment that uses precious active natural substances such as carob seed extract, coffee, ginkgo biloba, and milk and pomegranate, combined with the thermo-occlusive face mask to nourish and regenerate, smooth and lift. The treatment includes the preparation of the skin with cleansing milk and peeling, a connective-tissue face massage, and the application of a personalised serum. Follows a mask and gentle face and neck massage.

Silk Treatment 60' | € 69,00

A nourishing treatment with vegetable collagen and silk, obtained from the natural opening of silkworm cocoons. This treatment includes the preparation of the skin with cleansing milk and peeling, a connective-tissue face massage, and the application of a personalised serum containing natural extracts such as green tea, coffee, blueberries and hyaluronic acid, all made from vegetable sources. Follows a silk face mask, moistened with "butterfly" brushes throughout the procedure, in the aim of stimulating the release of sericin, the main silk protein, which, due to its antioxidants and UV-protection and moisturing properties, helps to visibly reduce the damage caused by aging.
Oxi Breath 60’ | €  120,00
A breath of an excellent beauty treatment  
This treatment resulting from an innovative technical research on cosmetics  is based on the combined properties of  Malus Domestica stem cells, high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid and organic compounds with radical scavenger effects. Oxygen dissolution in body tissues and blood gives new shape to your face outlines, helps in reducing wrinkles for a smoother and firm skin.
Revitalising Ultrasound Treatment 60’ | €  66,00
Visibly reduces signs of ageing on the skin. A unique combination of special equipment and the high quality cosmetic products from the expertly created Shiny range make this a fully regenerative treatment.
Micro Lifting 60' | € 59,00
An exclusive massage which visibly reduces signs of ageing, relieves tissue fatigue, eliminates the widespread micro-tensions which cause wrinkling, and completely revitalises the treated area of skin. Stimulations are pleasantly relaxing.
Deep-Cleansing Facial 60’ | €  59,00
Facial cleansing using exclusively thermal water-based cosmetic products. Essential for preparing the skin for further treatments.
Thermal Mud Mask 30’ | €  36,00
Special face and neck treatment using an exclusive thermal formula to achieve an immediate effect of balance and shine on the skin.
Alginate Moisturizing Treatment 60’ | €  69,00

Innovative cosmetic treatment with great osmotic capacity. It involves cleansing of the face, a delicate kojic acid scrub, spa vaporization and skin replumping. This is followed by an occlusive alginate mask, blended with spa water rich in trace elements. When spread on the face, neck and upper chest, it creates a perfect occlusive film on the tiny bumps on the skin, while still letting it breathe. Through osmosis, its moisturizing ingredients and trace elements pass to the deepest layers of the skin. An argan oil massage completes the procedure. The skin will look more relaxed, toned and stress-free, with uniformity in the colour and a more radiant, plump appearance.

Radiant Eye Treatment 30' | € 42,00
Works deep down to visibly reduce wrinkles and laughter lines of the eye contour area, firming facial skin and reducing the tell-tale signs of tiredness. The treatment consists of gentle cleansing, skin firming treatment and a clarifying, anti-ageing lifting mask and a massage with cold stones of Carrara marble and a decongestionant whey.
Face Shiatsu 15’ | €  24,00
An ancient Japanese massage technique which applies finger pressure on certain points of the face, stimulating the energy points, eliminating fatigue and activating the skin’s natural self-healing properties.
Multifunctional Massage 25’ | €  32,00
A massage which aids drainage, stimulating the circulation while relaxing and alleviating signs of ageing.