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Body Treatments

Principessa Elisa Treatment 80’ | €  99,00
Named after the sister of Napoleone Bonaparte, Elisa, who was Princess of Lucca, this beauty treatment gives suppleness and softness. It involves a body peel with butter, a hydro-massage with whey, a spa shower, a massage with the finest cream 25' and finally relaxation with herbal tea.
Sun Treatment 60’ | €  64,00
Path-based natural products exclusively designed to prepare the skin to sun exposure and to keep it healthy and tanned. Provides an exfoliation using organic honey from Lucca hills and sugar cane followed by a balsam oil of carrot and tomato. Depending on the result to be achieved by bundling products and specific treatment is diversified in treating pre-sun and refreshing after-sun treatment.
Mediterranean Treatment 60’ | €  76,00 
This is a functional well-being treatment that involves all the senses. The treatment begins with the choice of perfume which will accompany the guest throughout the ritual, and then an exfoliating massage with loufah sponge and Acquacrema, drops of Miscela Aromatica (aromatic mixture) and dry flower extracts, followed by a body pack.The treatment concludes with a relaxing massage with Karitè butter and coconut oil. Guests receive a free gift of a loufah sponge at the end of the treatment.
De La Ramée Treatment  60’ | €  69,00
Uses aromatic oils to improve circulation, alleviate tension, improve flexibility and induce relaxation. The treatment takes place in a relaxing ambience of incense and aromas, and involves a hydrating mud wrap followed by an aromatic massage 25'.
Exfoliating Treatment with Salt 25’| €  42,00
Puryfing scrub with active salt formula: cleanses and stimulates the skin, leaving it hydrated. The treatment consists of a light full-body massage followed by a spa shower.
Cellulite Treatment Massage 25’ | € 42,00
Cellulite Treatment Massage 50' | € 62,00
This massage speeds up the blood circulation in the skin and the subcutaneous tissues, helps to burn fat, stimulates the lymphatic system - leading to the elimination of toxins from the body - and thus reducing cellulite.
Biotronic Treatment 40’| € 22,00
Electrostimulation/electrolypolisis/lymphatic drainage. Personalised cosmetic treatment which harnesses the tonifying and invigorating effects of electronic waves to improve local circulation and drainage.
Full Body Pressotherapy 45’ | € 32,00
Partial Pressotherapy 35’ | € 28,00

A special treatment for reducing venous and lymphatic stagnation and lower limb edema. It also helps to prevent and alleviate the effects of heavy legs, which are caused by cellulite, water-retention and swelling.

Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap Treatment 30’ | € 49,00
It is a specially designed, single use wrapping bandage with hypertermic effects. The treatment reduces cellulite and local adiposity.
Circulatory Drainage Massage 25’ | € 42,00
Focusing mainly on the circulatory system, this massage is an indispensable aid in preventing and treating blood flow circulation problems. It also has positive effects on the body's equilibrium and drainage.
Lymphatic Drainage 60’ | €  68,00
Lymphatic drainage involves a slow massage which applies a series of light hand touches and pressures across the whole body, working inwards towards the heart. It helps to "empty" tissues and vessels of their toxinous liquids while encouraging the production of fresh blood.