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Basic Range for Face and Body

Normalising cream (acidic) | 50 ml | € 56,00
A light, soft cream which stands out for its ability to be absorbed quickly and the way it doesn’t leave skin feeling or looking greasy. Ideal for sensitive skin with an overproduction of sebum. Also suitable for more mature skin.

Sensitive Skin Face Cream | 50 ml | € 37,00
The carefully selected vegetable extracts and oils contained in this smooth and ea- sily absorbed emulsion provide an instant sense of wellbeing, maximum protection and perfectly adapted treatment for highly sensitive skin types.

Cleopatra Butter | 400 ml | € 29,00
This butter-based body scrub is the product of the combination of two different plant butters, noted for their Eudermic properties: Shea butter and coconut butter. It also contains pure sea salt and flaked almonds, to restore the skin’s luminosity and firmness.